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Choose Your Perfect Plan - Feature-Packed and Cost-Effective Hosting Packages for Your Website

Basic Freelancer

WordPress Hosting

Rs.  3400 /Year
  • 1 Website
  • 2 GB SSD-NVMe Storage | Raid 1
  • 70GB Bandwidth
  • ASP.Net, PHP, Email
  • 10 MariaB Database
  • 3 FTP Account
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • 1 Sub Domain
  • 1 Email
  • Jet Backup
Best Seller for Freelancers

Biz Plans

WordPress Hosting

Rs.  9000 /Year
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • SSD - NVMe | Up to 15GB
  • Bandwidth-Upto 300GB
  • ASP.Net, PHP, Email
  • MariaB Database, FTP
  • Addon, Parked & Sub (Domains)
  • FREE Basic Backups
Best for Businesses

eCom Plans

WooCommerce Hosting

Rs.  24000 /Year
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • SSD - NVMe | Up to 50GB
  • Bandwidth-Unlimited
  • ASP.Net, PHP, Email
  • MariaB Database, FTP
  • Addon, Parked & Sub (Domains)
  • FREE Basic Backups
Best for Online Stores


Corporate Email Hosting

1 /Month
  • yourname@yourbusiness.com​
  • Multiple email accounts
  • pop3
  • imap
  • Personalized email
  • Customized Plans
  • Perfect for you & your team
  • Backups
Perfect email solution

Naxsol Best Web Host Company in Islamabad offer's following services;

Best Domain Registrar in Pakistan

Check available domain here;

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  • Find perfect domain for your business.
  • We offer major TLDs including .com, .org, .net, .pk & 100+ others (You name it)

We offer affordable and competitive rates as we understand START is difficult for Freelancers and new business owners.

  • Find your desired domain
  • Pay with easypaisa

Affordable WordPress Hosting in Pakistan

WordPress hosting is a specialized type of web hosting that is optimized for WordPress websites. Why choose Naxsol for WordPress Hosting?
  • Once you by our hosting, just drop a message to our support and we will install WordPress for you
  • We will take care of Domain and Hosting integration
  • Our servers are always at backup so we provide WordPress Website Backup
  • Naxsol’s WordPress is hosting your ultimate choice for WordPress due to its;
    • Reliability
    • Ease of use
    • And Affordability.
  • Our  WP hosting plans provides an optimized platform for WordPress, making it easy to install, manage, and maintain a WordPress website.
  • Our  24/7 customer support, automatic WordPress updates, and customizable plans make us stand in the crowd.
  • A stress-free and efficient solution for your WordPress website.
Why WordPress?
  • Around 60-70% websites are built on Word-Press
  • It is easy to use CMS with drag and drop features
  • SEO friendly to rank on search engines like Google
  • Best for Freelancers and small businesses

Affordable WooCommerce Hosting in Pakistan

WooCommerce hosting is a specialized type of web hosting that is optimized for Online Stores using WordPress CMS.

Why choose Naxsol for WooCommerce Hosting?

  • Daily and Weekly Backups
  • Our WooCommerce hosting is;
    • Reliabile
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable
  • Our 24/7 customer support, automatic updates, and customizable plans make us stand in the crowd.
  • A stress-free and efficient solution for your eCommerce Store

Business Email Hosting in Pakistan

Get your personalized email id like;

Here is wha Imran has to say about our email hosting service; https://youtube.com/shorts/V8XMjoynBHU?feature=share

Customized WordPress Themes, Plugins and layouts;

What we offer;

  • WordPress Themes (Coming Soon with our very own theme)
  • Plugins (Custom plugins as per your requirements)
  • Envato Elements
  • Divi

As many of our Pakistani freelancers cannot afford premium themes and plugins in the beginning of their freelance careers, we help them get what they desire from different paid platforms.

We have premium subscriptions and we provide each item in very reasonable prices in as low as Rs. 100/- per item

Our 5-Step Website Migration Process

Here is an expanded 5-step web hosting migration process including additional details;

  • Analysis – Thorough examination of the current website setup and infrastructure including traffic, security, and applications.
  • Planning – Creation of a detailed migration plan covering timelines, tasks, roles, contingencies, backups, and DNS switching for zero downtime
  • Migration – Systematic transfer of all website assets to a new platform per IT best practices without breaking any links or URLs. Fully migrate content, databases, and files.
  • Verification – Comprehensive testing and optimization of migrated sites for performance, traffic, and security.

Best Web Hosting Islamabad Features you would love.

  • Speedy Website

    (20x Faster) Whether You are running ecommerce store, giving services or writing blogs. Speedy Website help you boost rankings on search engine, retain more users

  • No Technical Knowledge

    Naxsol keeps it simple to use whether you are creating new website or migrating from other servers. One Click Solutions help you focus on your business

  • 99% Server Uptime

    Your website will always be online and operational even when you sleep. Your customer will browser it and not go away now. Choose best host for your web

  • AI Security

    Our Machine Learning AI follows proactive approach to identify and remove threats before they can do any harm to your website or servers.

  • Support you will love

    Free and automatic SSL Offsite weekly and daily backups Multiple cpanel features Our Teams of Experts are always available 24x7x365

  • Sign Up Now!

    Choose the Best Package as per your needs. (Click Here!)

Best WordPress Web Hosting for Freelancers in Pakistan
  • FREE Website Migration

    Let us migrate your website to NAXSOL Hosting

  • FREE Website Tools

    List is mentioned below >

  • FREE SSL Certificate

    Secure your website with Let's encrypt SSL.

  • Backup Included

NAXSOL is on a mission to bring everyone ONLINE including individuals, small businesses, SMEs, Organizations and Multinationals through our Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Email Hosting and Digital Products.

Power Packed Product With These Tools

50+ Plugins Available

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions);

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is space on server that allows website owners to store and share their website content with a global audience.

With the help of web hosting services, individuals, bloggers, businesses, and web developers can easily showcase their website to the world on internet.

The service provides server space, connectivity, and other necessary resources to make websites accessible by users worldwide.

This way, website owners can promote their content, products, or services on the internet, which can help them reach a wider audience and achieve their business objectives.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites share the same server and its resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, and processing power.

In shared hosting, each website has its own partitioned space on the server, and they all use the same operating system, software, and server resources. This makes shared hosting an affordable option for small websites or those with low traffic volume.

However, the shared nature of the server means that if one website experiences a sudden increase in traffic or consumes too many resources, it can affect the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a security technology used to establish an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser. This encryption ensures that all data exchanged between the server and the browser remains private and cannot be intercepted or read by unauthorized parties.

Does NAXSOL provide FREE SSL?

Yes, Naxsol provides FREE SSL with every hosting package.

What is Domain Registration?

Domain registration is the process of reserving and registering a unique domain name for a website. A domain name is the web address or URL that people type into their web browser to access a website.

Domain example: www.naxsol.com

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